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Limits Of Liability And Use

The Use Agreement

By using Internet connectivity as provided by HDR Internet Services, Inc., through www.OnALot.com, the customer, (you, your family, your company, your visitors) and HDR Internet Services, Inc., and www.OnALot.com, (HDR, OnALot, we, us) hereby enter into the following agreement.

You agree to hold HDR harmless and free from any and all liabilities incurred as a result of any or all of the following circumstances:

  • loss of revenue as a result of an interruption or termination of HDR provided Internet service
  • loss of service availability via your wireless connection
  • termination of service with or without prior notice
  • Infection of your computer system by what is commonly known as a "computer virus"
  • Any and all costs associated with removal of said virus and the return of your computer to its normal operating condition
  • Corruption of any installed software
  • Failure of your computer or computer peripherals
  • Any other conditions which render Internet connections to your computer useless, either temporarily or permanently
  • Since our Wireless Service does not use a telephone line, any phone company charges are not associated with us and are not our responsiblility. Be sure your computer is set up correctly at all times.

HDR Internet Services,Inc. is an ISP, or Internet Service Provider, and is in the business of providing access to the Internet via a wireless radio connection. There are circumstances beyond HDR's control that can interfere with this service, some of which are outlined here:

  • electrical outages
  • Internet outages
  • equipment failure
  • computer failure
  • the weather
  • incorrect software
  • operator error

This is not a complete list. You agree to hold HDR harmless and free from liability should your Internet service or your ability to use Internet service be interrupted or terminated, either with or without prior notice. HDR's sole liability is for the cost of the service HDR provides for the duration of time that the service is unavailable, provided that the interruption occurs as a result of a problem internal to HDR's network, less the value of 3 days. HDR cannot and will not assume liability for service interruption due to external problems, such as power line failure, or should your computer cease operation, among other conditions.

HDR will assist you by answering any questions regarding installing HDR provided software, and initiating service. At our discretion, HDR will attempt to assist your in correcting any other problems you may encounter. This does not constitute a guarantee that any problems will be resolved by HDR, it is merely an offer of assistance, and a fee may be charged by HDR for this offer of assistance. HDR provides a free Technical Support telephone line, 918/652-4586 which is to be used to handle technical questions at no cost to you. Should HDR be unable to correct the problem, it will be up to you to seek assistance from a fee-based computer technician or other outside professional at your own cost. HDR encourages you to read any and all manuals, documentation and help files as provided by the manufacturers of your equipment and software. Doing so will greatly increase your understanding of how computer systems and software work, and will make your overall experience more enjoyable.

After receipt of payment, HDR will provide the necessary software and wireless equipment to enable you to gain access to the Internet. Our sole liability is to ensure that that software works in a normal PC or PC compatible (X86) computer environment. We do not guarantee compatibility with Apple or other non-PC compatible computer manufacturers, or operating systems such as Linux, Unix, C or other non-Microsoft Windows based systems.

HDR only supports Windows 98, ME, XP, 2000, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and above. Windows NT may work but is dependant upon the type of computer you have. HDR does not recommend using NT.

Windows 3.11 and Windows 95 are not supported. You should consider buying a new computer to fully appreciate the abilities of the Internet.

Customer Responsibilities

In order for us to provide Internet access, HDR buys high speed data service from several Data Suppliers. The cost for this service is incredibly high, and is a necessary expense in order for HDR to provide Internet access. These providers do not allow a grace period for payment for service, hence the following conditions apply. You, as a customer of HDR agree to the following:

  • HDR's hours of operation are from 9 AM to 8 PM, Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 12 Noon on Saturday, and we are closed on Sunday. During business hours, we have answering machines for messages should we be temporarily unavailable. We will call you back promptly.

  • You will pay your bill in a timely fashion.

  • HDR's billing period is from the first calendar day of the month to the last calendar day of the month. Service begins on the first, and ends on the last day of the month.

  • The fee for service is $38.00 - $42.00 per month for Wireless Internet customers, payable in advance. HDR reserves the right to change this and all other fees at any time and without prior notice.

  • HDR invoices on the 10th - 12th of the month, and your invoice will be mailed to you at the account name and address on record. Please advise if there is a change of address and / or telephone number. Please keep your account information current with us to avoid late and reconnect fees.

  • Payment is due back to HDR no later than the first business day of the following month. This does not mean mailed to us on the first, but it must arrive in our office by the first or late fees apply. Note: The Post Office can be terribly slow. Mail sometimes takes as much as 8 days to reach us. We recommend you mail your payment by the 22nd of the month in order for it to reach us in a timely manner. You may elect to pay on another date by giving us prior written notice, but you cannot avoid a late fee by requesting a switch when you are already late.

  • A late fee of $5.00 applies to payment received after the first business day of the month.

  • Service will be disconnected if payment is not received by the 5th day of the month. There is an additional $10 reconnect fee, plus the late fee, plus the service fee. Please be sure to pay on time!

  • On the 10th day of the month, your account will be fully deleted, including all emails on our servers. These cannot be retrieved and are permanently lost, even if you should rejoin.

  • There is no credit for the time when you are cut off due to non-payment

  • If you are a Chronic Late Payer, meaning you pay late for 3 out of 6 months, HDR may require you to pay for 3 months of service in advance - you will no longer be allowed to pay monthly. If you pay late for 6 out of 12 months, HDR may require you to pay for 3 months of service using a credit card as the only accepted method of payment, with your card automatically charged every 3 months.

  • Check or Money Order payments are accepted. We accept cash but do not recommend you send cash through the mail. You may come to our office to make a payment, just call us at 918 652-4586 prior to coming. Any change due will be applied to your next month's bill.

  • We also accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card credit cards. If you have a debit card with the Visa or MasterCard holographic symbol on them, they will work. Others will not. We do not accept e-checks. Your transaction will be processed through our secure server for your protection.

  • HDR purchases our high speed data lines in whole month increments, it is not offered any other way. Therefore, our service is sold in whole months only. You will pay the monthly fee even if you intend to go away on vacation and not use the service for a week or two. No partial month's credit or discount will be given. If you terminate your account, no partial month's refund will be issued, however, any outstanding whole months that were paid for in advance will be refunded.

  • You may suspend your account at no cost. When you return, you will be reactivated without a reconnect fee. However, you must pay for whole months of service, no partial months will be billed or credited. You must inform us of a suspension in advance of your payment due date or else late and reconnect fees will apply.

Customer Contracts

HDR will not offer contracts as of October 1, 2015. We will honor any current contracts.

Additional information about our rates and policies can be found at: http://www.onalot.com/monthlyfees.htm


Other Service Information

You agree not to use the service for illegal activities. Should we detect or be informed of any illegal activities, service will be immediately cut off and the authorities notified.

SPAM, or using the service to generate unsolicited e-mails, commercial or private, is strictly prohibited. SPAM is the electronic equivalent of "junk mail," and if we detect or are informed that you are generating SPAM deliberately, your account will be terminated immediately.

If HDR receives any complaints about your activities, we will discuss them with you prior to taking any action. We expect you to be responsible, and that expectation extends to all members of your family, visitors or company who use our service.

Your computer equipment must be capable of connecting to the Internet. Much older equipment may not be fast enough or contain enough memory to do the job. We recommend you avoid very cheap, used computers - they are usually cheap for a reason. We will be glad to discuss your computer needs or give advice on a computer you intend to purchase - call our technical support line at 918/652-4586.

HDR does not recommend the use of a computer running at less than 233 MHz speed. HDR does not recommend using less than 32 Megabytes of RAM, or less than 1 Gigabyte of Hard Disk space.

HDR does recommend your computer contain a minimum of 128 Megabytes of RAM, and as large a Hard Disk Drive and as fast a processor as you are able to afford. This will increase your enjoyment of the Internet by improving page downloads, minimizing system crashes, and the ability to store and display programs and pages.

Please visit our How To page under the Support tab at the top of our Front Page for helpful information on purchasing a new computer.

Right of Refusal

HDR retains the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, without explanation. If a current customer is refused service, a refund on pre-paid whole unused months will be made. Partial months will not be refunded.

Purchased Wireless Equipment

HDR does not buy back equipment from a customer. HDR is under no obligation to repurchase equipment from the customer. Except for the initial 30 day trial period, all equipment installed at the customer's location is the property of the customer, and will not be bought back under any circumstances should the customer elect to terminate service as provided by HDR, or, should HDR elect to terminate the customer's account per our Right of Refusal policy.

Equipment Repossession

Should the customer have an outstanding bill for equipment, or the equipment is not fully paid off, and service is terminated either by the customer or HDR, HDR has the right to repossess the equipment, and the customer forfeits any and all monies previously paid. Should the customer refuse to return the equipment, HDR will contact the Sheriff's Department to arrange for a legal repossession. We will show up at your door with the police to reclaim our equipment. If you no longer have the equipment or are hiding it, we will take you to Court to satisfy the outstanding amount owed.

Certain Websites will be blocked

HDR reserves the right to block websites that cause interference with our system.  Music sharing, Video sharing and other P2P websites may be blocked as they become known to us.  These sites use our system, and your computer, to send out files to other users on the internet who are not our customers, and this activity uses up all our available bandwidth, causing our customers to be unable to access other websites.  We cannot and will not allow unrestricted uploading through our system.

Any illegal websites, such as those displaying child pornography, will be blocked.  If you know of any sites that are illegal, please advise us and we will add them to our blocked list.

What You Get

Wireless Internet customers will have their computer configured by us with the necessary Radio Card Modem, coaxial cable and external antenna for a fee, with some restrictions as noted below.

Your account can have up to 5 e-mail names. HDR requires a password for each name. Names and passwords are all in lowercase letters, with no punctuation or spaces. Names that are in poor taste, vulgar, or imply vulgarity, or are sexually explicit are forbidden and will not be issued. Should a name be disguised (such as a non-English word, for example) and we become aware that it violates our policy, it will be removed immediately. The same holds true for passwords. These simply do not fit in with community norms and do not properly reflect on HDR's image. HDR retains sole discretion for this policy, with all decisions final.

HDR issues important messages about the system, performance, news updates, billing, etc. This is done via e-mail. We will send these to your primary logon account e-mail name. If you do not use our e-mail system, please let us know what e-mail you do use and we will make the change in our records.

HDR has a free Technical Support telephone line: 918/652-4586.

We ask you to limit your e-mail account size on our server to 10 megabytes. Please delete unnecessary messages. While there is no restriction on the size of a file that can be e-mailed, the length of time required to transfer huge files may be impractical. Should your e-mail inbox exceed 10 megabytes, and you do not reduce its size after being requested to do so, HDR will delete e-mails to reduce the inbox size starting with older e-mails first.

    If you use Outlook Express to view your e-mails, this will not be an issue as this program downloads your e-mails to your harddrive and off of OnALot.com's server.

You have unlimited use of the wireless system, subject to some restrictions concerning P2P activities. Your data transfer speed will depend on the amount of traffic through HDR's Wireless system at any given time, up to a maximum of 11 MIPS.

Service Outages

Wireless networks require antennas mounted up on high points, which in HDR's case is usually the top of a water tower or radio transmission tower. High metallic structures attract lightning. HDR has installed lightning protectors on our equipment, however, that does not completely guarantee that damage will not occur. In the event of lightning or weather related damage to our equipment, HDR will repair our system as quickly as possible.

What You Cannot Do

  • Music / Video downloaders: This activity is expressly forbidden if done through a peer-to-peer, or P-2-P, network.  Many sites offer pay-per-download music and video, which is OK with us since it is download only.  You pay OnALot to download files, and you can do so as much and as often as you like. 

    However, a P-2-P network turns your computer into a server, which sends your files to other non-OnALot users as well as prematurely wearing out your Computer's Hard Drive.  This uploading uses up almost all of our bandwidth, effectively preventing other OnALot users from getting online.  And quite often you, the user, are totally unaware of this upload activity since these sites don't advertise it well nor make it easily understood.  We actively block P-2-P websites and will contact you if we notice excessive upload activity (which may also be a sign of a virus infected computer).  If you are using a P-2-P network, and will not stop your activities, we will cut you off and may terminate your relationship with OnALot.com permanently if you do not agree to comply.  There will be no refund on installation or equipment should this occur, so don't ask.

  • Bit Torrent programs are forbidden for the same reasons shown above for P2P activities.

  • You cannot host any activity. Hosting includes but is not limited to chat rooms, web sites, ping sites and any other commercial or noncommercial activity where other external Internet users will be adding or extracting information from your computer. HDR is also in the business of hosting web sites, and you can contract with us for your needs at www.onalot.net

  • You cannot use your computer as a server with or connect a server to OnALot.com's service.

  • You cannot provide a gateway from OnALot.com to any other Internet service or provider. The intent here is to prevent you from becoming a reseller of another ISP's services.

  • You cannot resell, reuse, transfer or convey HDR's services, either for free or for a fee or other compensation. You are allowed to network the computers contained inside your home or business only. HDR offers a 2 account special should you need a connection at your home and another at your office.

  • You are not allowed to share an HDR provided Internet connection by connecting another person or business' computer to yours when the other person is not related to you, or the other business is not owned by you. You and your neighbor cannot share an account. Account sharing of any kind is not allowed, except by members of the same household who live under the same roof. All sharing is to be done on the same campus, and not in separate locales.

  • Should you knowingly pursue an activity that damages, compromises or disables HDR's system or systems, or compromises the privacy of our other customers, or damages their computers or other property, or interferes in any way with anything anyone else is doing, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Hacking is not allowed. Interfering with the operation of any computer or electronic system that you do not own is a crime. Our logfiles will be given to prosecutors and our lawyer.

  • Intentional creation and / or distribution of what is commonly known as a "Computer Virus" is not allowed, and is a crime.

  • Do not ask HDR to provide software, upgrades or copies of commercially available products. You are free to buy those from retail outlets.

  • If your Windows operating system becomes corrupt for any reason, you should recover it using the original disks and keys as provided by Microsoft. If you bought a used computer, and these disks and keys were not provided, HDR cannot help you. You should seek assistance from the person or company where you obtained the computer.


Speed Reduction, Service Termination and Limitations

HDR's systems are all shared systems, meaning, you and our other customers all share the same radio system, and you each get a portion of the total bandwidth available. If no one else is on, you get it all. If others are on, you will get the maximum throughput that the system will parcel out, which is dependant on the other's activities.

Some customers disregard the needs of our other customers, and disregard HDR's policies on things such as P2P sharing. Once identified, HDR considers them to be abusive users of the system. We define them as follows:

  • Infected computers with viruses or worms, and refusing to have them cleaned.
  • Engaging in activities that capture the bulk of the available system bandwidth at the expense of our other customers.
  • Excessive use of the system, either to engage in P2P activities, gaming, bit torrent and / or other high bandwidth use.

    We will telephone you to advise you of this excessive use. We expect you to correct the situation, but some customers refuse to do so, and are then determined to be "abusive" customers.

When you have been determined to be an abusive customer, the following actions will be taken against you:

  • Your throughput will be severely cut. Your maximum upload speed will be reduced to 16,000 bps, and your maximum download speed will be reduced to 512,000 bps, or less.
  • Should you still excessively use the system, we will temporarily cut you off.
  • If we return your service, and the abuse continues, your service will be permanently cut off. There is no refund on equipment for any reason if you are cut off due to abusive use of the system.


Your Privacy

HDR does not and will not sell, give away, reveal or convey any information about you, your account, your e-mail activity or any other activity of yours that we may be aware of without your written consent. The sole exception to this is that HDR will cooperate with any Law Enforcement agencies regarding your account.

Your account information, bank preferences, credit card numbers and any other financial information is kept confidential.

HDR cannot "see" what you are doing when you are on the Internet, and we have no desire to eavesdrop on your activities. HDR has the ability to view your e-mail accounts on our servers, but does not do so unless you request it. HDR, only at your request, will open your e-mail account and perform requested tasks, such as remove viruses, reduce account size or change account names. As part of our normal monthly system maintenance, HDR will reduce the size of your e-mail inbox to a maximum of 10 megabytes, but only after we request you do so and if you do not comply within a reasonable amount of time. Size reduction requires we open your e-mail files and view messages for deletion.

HDR has a robust anti-SPAM filter on our email server. This filter rejects nearly all unsolicited emails so they don't fill up your inbox.

The Agreement

By connecting to the Internet using the system known as OnALot.com provided by HDR, you fully agree to all of the above terms and conditions.

HDR reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time and without prior notice of any kind. HDR also welcomes your input on all of the above. If there are special circumstances that need to be accommodated, HDR, with no guarantees and at it's sole discretion, may make changes as concerns your needs. A fee may be involved to do so.

HDR Internet Services, Inc., is an S class Corporation incorporated in the State of Oklahoma.