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System Restore To The Rescue!

OK, something weird is going on with your computer. It's suddenly running super slow, pop ups are all over the place and you know someone clicked on something they shouldn't have. How do you fix this?

Windows XP has a very nice feature called System Restore. It works so well that many viruses try to turn it off so you can't get rid of them. There are 2 ways to get to the System Restore program.

NOTE: If Method 1 does not work, it's because the virus, worm, spy program, etc., has turned it off. There's a second way to get at it using Method 2.

Method 1

Click on:

Help and Support
Look for the words "System Restore" and click on that line.
Now go to the Procedure section below

Method 2

Some viruses turn off Method 1, so try this:

Click on:

All Programs
System Tools
System Restore

If neither of these brings up the System Restore Wizard, you'll need to have your computer cleaned professionally. Click HERE for a discount to get it done.


When the System Restore Wizard appears, click Next

You will now see a calendar with some Bold dates. If you are near the first of the month, you may need to click the arrow to the left of the month to see last month's dates. Click on a Bold date of a few days ago (before the problem started), and look in the window on the right. If it says "system checkpoint", you can proceed. Otherwise choose another date until you see the system checkpoint message.

Click Next and Next again. Your computer will now shut down and restore itself to what it was on the selected date. Hopefully, that will be all you'll need to get rid of the problem you were seeing. If not, you might repeat the procedure, choosing an earlier date.

When your computer comes back up, it will tell you it was restored. Click Next and it will continue to boot up normally.

Now check your machine out, and hopefully all will be well.