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How To Do It

We're always hooking people up in new and different ways, and many of these will be of interest to you. Look down our list and choose what you'd like to set up.

Note that we've also put in some "common sense" tips about your computer and how to get the most our of it on the Internet.

  1. How to properly Reboot your Internet Equipment
  2. Information on Video Downloads
  3. How to change your Home Page when Internet Explorer opens
  4. System Restore to Fix a Problem
  5. Simple Fixes You Can Do Daily To Speed Up Your Computer
  6. Why You Should Turn Your Computer Off At Night
  7. I'm Buying A New Computer, What Do I Need?
  8. Vonage or MagicJack & OnALot.com
  9. Troubleshooting Your Wireless Internet Connection
  10. Do You Have The Correct DNS Numbers In Your Computer?
  11. PLEASE! Buy a Surge Protector!
  12. Using Flash Drives To Do Backups & File Transfers
  13. Connect Your Game Console
  14. Set Up A Wireless Router for your Laptop or 2nd Desktop
  15. Fix A Slow Computer
  16. Check The Traffic In/Out Of Your Computer
  17. Get An Almost Free Anti-Virus Program
  18. Get A Free Anti-Spyware Program
  19. View What Others Look At On Your Computer
  20. What Exactly IS The Internet?
  21. What Time Is It?