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Attention City of Okemah - Woody Guthrie Customers

2/17/17 - The City of Okemah has contracted with a firm to sandblast and repaint the Woody Guthrie water tower on Ash St., between 8th & 9th.  To do this, they are going to "tent" the tower to prevent anything from landing on the nearby houses.  We have been working with them so that we don't interfere with them and vice versa.  However, this requires we move our antenna structure to another spot on the tower, and that will cause a short outage sometime in the next 2 weeks. We also expect that during this work, there -may- be several short outages as our power is re-routed out of the way of their equipment.

We have actually built a second system that will be mounted in the new location, and then we can remove the existing system to enable their crew to get busy.

We apologize in advance for any outages and will work to minimize them as much as possible.  Thanks for your continued support!

Now in Henryetta & Okmulgee!  FiberFast - Our Newest and Fastest System!

NOTE - The FiberFast system is only available from the Henryetta and Okmulgee Water Towers at the moment.  We have plans to expand this to other towers in the future.

This is a really fast system.  If you have a home with a bunch of data hungry kids, do a lot of streaming and gaming, this is the system for you!  We already have some customers connected to it and they are getting speeds in excess of 6 megs, some up to 11 megs. There are no usage limits and the install costs are the same as for the regular systems.  The monthly service fee is $50 with any form of payment.

If you are already a customer and want to switch over to the FiberFast system, there's a one time $99 fee to change out your roof mounted equipment.  And you get 30 days to check it out!  If you are not happy with it, we'll put you back to the standard system and refund your money.  You have little to lose and a lot of speed to gain!

Selecting The Right Wireless Router For Your Home

Families are getting multiple phones, wireless printers, laptops, tablets, desktops, smart TV's and a lot of other Wifi based equipment. All this puts quite a strain on your home router. We put together a guide to help you select / upgrade your home network. Please click HERE to find out what router you might need.

How To Properly Reboot Your Internet Equipment

This is the number 1 type of phone call that we get every day. So, we decided to put together a very thorough page on how to reboot your equipment. You might want to print this out - if you lose your connection, you won't be able to read this.

Click HERE for full details!

Notice to Recurring Charge Customers

Plan B or D customers whose payments are automatically processed with debit or credit cards: Changes to your card or recurring payment information must be authorized by you and maintained in our files. When making a change, go to the following page to submit the change and authorize its use. Click HERE.

Buy A Surge Protector Before Lightning Season Sets In!!!!!

As we enter into storm season again, I'm already doing repairs on customer systems with blown up power supplies. Why? Because they either didn't have a surge protector or the one they had was very old and inoperative.

What is a surge protector? It looks like an outlet strip, with 3 - 10 AC outlets on it that you plug your computer, monitor, radio and router into. It has an electronic device inside it that shorts out any high voltage spikes before they can get to your equipment. These spikes arrive at your home via the power lines, and since there are miles or power lines, a lightning hit anywhere on them can be directed right into your home, and zap your equipment.

Surge protectors are rated in Joules (sounds like jewels) and the more joules, the better. A joule is a measure of electrical energy, and you want to shunt to ground as much of the lightning's energy as possible, so, buying a surge protector with a lot of joules is better than one with less.

Many customers already have a surge protector, one that is several years old. Old surge protectors are probably no longer protecting your equipment. Why? The electronic device inside them that shunts lightning energy to ground can only do it once or twice effectively, then it's used up. So essentially all they have is a power strip.

The manufacturers of these surge protectors recommend you replace them every 1 - 2 years, or after a lightning storm has hit you and / or your area. If you want to read up on how a Surge Protector works, Wikipedia has a long and technical artilce found HERE

Please, if you don't have a surge protector, or your's is more than 2 years old, go buy a new one, with as many rated joules as you care to spend. It's money well spent!



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